The Handmaid’s Tale Redesign
A haunting tale of sexuality in a country gone wrong.
A classic novel by Margaret Atwood, The Handmaid’s Tale has had many book cover iterations. To stray away from the totalitarian and dystopian, I decided to illustrate the handmaid’s bonnets also known as "wings”. Combining it with an image of stamped fallopian tubes, I took from the purity that wings signify and damaged it with a harsh, bloody color palette to show the brutality of the society.
Huckleberry Finn Redesign
Take a trip down the Mississippi River.
Inspiration for this cover redesign came from the scene in the classic Mark Twain novel where the main character keeps a snakeskin for good luck. Straying away from the illustrative and campy styles of most Huckleberry Finn cover designs, I opted for a more minimalistic approach. The color palette was kept greyscale with a pop of rusty orange. Civil war era typography was used to bring back the classic message of the novel.


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